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In instances of violence in opposition to women, Jeren says most ladies don’t speak up about it. Many women really feel a lot shame surrounding bodily or sexual abuse, particularly if they are unmarried, and choose not to speak up. Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 and the institution of Turkmenistan as a sovereign State, Turkmen nationalism has been on the rise. Over the years, many Russian and Turkish colleges have closed down and most faculties in Turkmenistan today are taught solely in Turkmen. In Turkmenistan, there’s a social accountability placed on the youngest son in the household, to stick with his mother and father and care for them of their old age. If a family solely has one son, it’s his responsibility to stick with his parents. It ought to be noted that these accounts are solely from her private expertise, and Jeren emphasises that ladies’s experiences differ in accordance with the region, generation, social class and expertise.

Turkmenistan was historically organised in a segmentary system of ‘tribes’ primarily based on geographical regions, with sharp social stratification inside and among these tribes. Due to this cultural phenomenon, customs among women can range across the nation. While the roles of ladies in Turkmenistan are conformed primarily to household duties and usually are not seen actors in political affairs outside of the home, Turkmen women not often wear veils or follow strict seclusion. They do not cover their faces and bodies, or have the identical religious practices as different Muslim nations.

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However, there are additionally generational variations in these practices, between women introduced up in the Soviet interval and younger Turkmen women right now – born after the unbiased of the State. The older era tends to be much less spiritual and freely devour alcohol, eat pork and gown in much less ‘traditional’ Turkmen apparel. For example, women residing in the capital Ashgabat, or in cosmopolitan areas take pleasure in extra freedom, whereas women in villages close to Turkmenistan’s borders with Afghanistan and Iran. Women in these areas are more inclined to put on veils, and will abstain from consuming alcohol.

But with little information of the outside world, most Turkmen women still feel the standard role they play in society is the proper one. There are villages close to Turkmenistan’s borders with Afghanistan and Iran where women do wear the veil required by strict Islamists. In any case, her remark suggesting that Turkmen women are seldom sick-treated does not necessarily imply they are properly-treated. Recently, a correspondent from RFE/RL’s Turkmen Service performed some random interviews on the streets of the Turkmen capital Ashgabat to see what women there think of their role in society. Most of the respondents recalled the days of Turkmenia as a Soviet republic. According to official ideology at the time, women and men had been considered equal, and had been being treated equally. And almost 9 years after independence, one woman’s comments replicate that she believes what she was taught in Soviet times.

I was capable of have a dialog with a thirty-12 months-old woman, “Jeren” from Turkmenistan. She offered useful perception into her private experience, and what it says concerning the lives of women in Turkmenistan.

Many women maintained the ideologies of equality that have been taught in the Soviet Union. Women and men had been thought-about equal, and had been to be treated equally under the State. When Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty carried out a street interview asking women about their thoughts on their roles in society, the responses were surprisingly positive.

Ethnic minorities in Turkmenistan have extra issue discovering employment, and in some instances, adequate schooling due to their inefficiency of the Turkmen language. According to native culture, women are supposed to work, shop, cook, and look after the kids. Furthermore, there are some jobs which are solely obligated to women, corresponding beautiful turkmenistan women to selling items in the markets and bazaars. Many of the ladies who were interviewed seemed glad with the treatment of women in Turkmenistan, stating they felt free in society and are given equal opportunities. They claimed that they will even attain leadership positions in the event that they work exhausting enough.

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But it’s unclear if the women are allowed to get a regular manicure or pedicure without coloring their nails or if they might be allowed to have a clear varnish utilized. The Turkmen authorities — which controls all media, a lot of the economy, and enforces a myriad of social guidelines on its citizens — is taken into account among the many most repressive on the earth and would not tolerate public criticism or free speech. While many are unhappy with the ban, nobody dared to voice their displeasure with the new restrictions, the ladies told RFE/RL.

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To comment on a portion of text or report a mistake or typo, select the textual content in the article and press Ctrl + Enter . RFE/RL’s Turkmen Service is the only international Turkmen-language media reporting independently on political, financial, cultural, and safety points from inside one of the the world’s most reclusive countries. The Turkmen authorities’ latest move comes as the remainder of the world focuses on the battle against the coronavirus pandemic. Along with North Korea and Central Asian neighbor Tajikistan, Turkmenistan is one the few international locations that has not reported a single coronavirus infection. Men who work within the country’s public sector additionally aren’t allowed to wear their hair long or to develop a beard. The president — who had all the time dyed his hair pitch black — disappeared from public view for several weeks in the summertime of 2018 and returned with a brand new salt-and-pepper look.

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In early February, authorities in Lebap Province prohibited all men above the age of 40 from coloring their grey hair. Turkmen police have in the past fined women who violated the gown code. It was clarified by state officers at the conferences that the nail-polish ban applies each to fingernails and toenails.

The government in Turkmenistan has lengthy been recognized for strictly controlling all elements of its residents’ lives and proscribing their freedom. Like another society, Turkmenistan is changing and adapting its tradition within the new world, and Turkmen women are certainly not passive bystanders in the battle for equality.

However, it ought to be underlined that there are successful, unbiased women in Turkmenistan today who handle women’s issues. It is tough to say outright whether women are being treated fairly or not, seeing as women have their very own concepts and definitions of contentment for his or her lives. According to many foreigners, Turkmenistan is a country of many mysteries with a wealthy and sophisticated historical past, but it’s evident that it features in its own distinctive capability by way of its country’s impartial traditions and culture. This tradition is a pillar of pride for a lot of women in Turkmenistan, but it also contributed negatively in direction of women in society. This brings into an fascinating cultural element of Turkmenistan that Jeren highlighted — that like in lots of Muslim cultures, it is the woman who carries the honour of the household, rather than the man.

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