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The service boasts self-service deployment supporting zero provisioning, next day replacement, and a 3-year refresh to keep businesses outfitted with the latest technology. It is available for a monthly fee, in both 2-year and 3-year packages.

The Virtual Desktop Platform

I need to dig into some of the additional insights Microsoft intends to bring to the table beyond what its current, on-prem tools can bring. For now, MMD is available only on Microsoft Surface devices, but Microsoft says offerings from other OEMs are coming to the service soon. MMD features Microsoft 365 E5, which includes Windows 10 Enterprise, Office 365, and Enterprise Mobility + Security.

A report by Ovum shows new desktop virtualisation offerings from the likes of VMware, Citrix and Microsoft currently only make up 3% of the overall business PC market. The question is why, given VDI is currently the best approach to centralising the PC desktop estate. Rest easy knowing that your deployment is up-to-date, managed efficiently and supported by the inventors of PCoIP technology. Be certain that your infrastructure will evolve and scale with you, whether in your data center or the cloud. The truth is that, for most users, the best dual-monitor management features are already built into Windows 10. Third-party developers did a lot of free research and development work for Microsoft, who simply had to copy the features that worked for their own operating system.

How To Get Great Sound In Your Backyard

I’ve heard that weddings in the Caribbean do not involve a best man. Draw out your entire virtual desktop infrastructure and look at the links in the chain between the components. That’s where your problems – and the answers to those problems – will arise.

Yes, they still install adware, or programs that claim to do something useful but silently install adware. They’ve claimed it before, but users had a different experience, as seen from the links in my Q. When you go overseas there are certain customs that you won’t necessarily find in your own country. For instance, Russians find it rude if you stand with your hands in your pockets.

  • In the construction sector, it’s not just users of Computer Aided Design or Building Information Modelling software that requires access to GPU-accelerated workstations.
  • This could be for design/review, 4D construction planning or design visualization – or simply just to Ring Video Doorbell aid communication.
  • As rich 3D models start to be re-used and data flows from design all the way through to construction, it’s also extended architecture, engineering and construction teams that need GPU-accelerated machines.

Before Ignite, Microsoft announced its foray into the desktop “as-a-service” market with Microsoft Managed Desktop . MMD provides businesses with a “modern desktop” experience, on a “modern device”, managed by Microsoft. Some of the tools on this list are suitable for in-house use by IT departments to maintain a fleet of devices. Other tools are very suitable for the vendors of software who need to support members of the public who buy their products.

DisplayFusion also offers wonderful advanced window-snapping functions that make window management across multiple monitors that much easier. Which includes the ability to snap windows to monitor edges. Workplace and productivity is obviously a realm where Microsoft has long excelled. This is a new Microsoft who isn’t waiting for five years to react to competitors, it is getting ahead of the curve, and Teams is the best example. Stay tuned over the next couple of days for my take on Microsoft Surface Hub 2.

The other important piece of MMD is its ability to provide cloud-driven insights and analytics. Microsoft says that analytics is "at the heart of MMD," enabling the company to derive security insights and learnings to better monitor and manage its global device population. For example, Microsoft says AI and analytics help to determine which devices need feature updates, or when, say, a particular application is getting in the way of a device update.

This looks like it will put the third-party desktop managers out of business. This also leads into a much maligned feature of modern software licensing – the power that big vendors hold over licensees. They’re able to alter terms and once you’re locked into using their solutions, most businesses find it difficult or expensive to do anything but soak up the difference. "The move away from business PCs towards desktop virtualisation has been hampered by the fragmented market," says Illsley.

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