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The allegory I can come up with is being impressed hearing an impressionist do a ton of different voices that sound like they should be accurate even if you’re not quite sure who exactly is being impersonated. A single player or co-op action-puzzler where you shove three different block types into enemies to kill them. It’s like Bubble Bobble or Dig Dug where the levels end once all the enemies are cleared. There’s fifty levels, five of which are boss fights that range from “extremely satisfying” to “I’m going to tie the developers to a chair and make them watch as I turn their pets into foie gras” maddening.

BUT, before I wrap this up, there’s an interesting idea I didn’t make it far enough in the game to find out about until right before hitting publish. Later in the game, Vs. Clu Clu Land becomes a logic-reflex puzzler when suddenly the gems that form the puzzles have two sides. In order to beat levels, you have to put all the gems on the shiny side (if each turn of the gem is odd and even, it’s the odd side, or first side, that you need).

If we did a list of the top pleasant surprises I’ve had reviewing games these past nine years as Indie Gamer Chick, near the top of the list would be Capcom ‘Beat Em Up Bundle. Under the Retro Odyssey format, it went 4 for 7, when I think the average IGC reader would have guessed it would either go 0 for 7 or 1 for 6. As a matter of fact, once you get past the earlier, blander stinkeroos Final Fight and Captain Commando, the next five games are at least always interesting. I still found Knights of the Round to not be a net-positive game for the collection, but at least it took me the entire length of the game to decide that.

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If you have the Switch Online Famicom lineup, the version of Clu Clu Land in it is essentially Vs. Clu Clu Land, only you can start the game on these harder levels, with a fresh and genuinely good idea. This by itself would have saved Clu Clu Land because I was very interested in this concept. However, there’s a relatively quick time limit to each stage. The time limit and the control issues are going to be an insurmountable tag-team when you reach this point in the game. So, Clu Clu Land still sucks, but at least I see a light where a potential remake of this could build a fun and worthwhile play mechanic.

But, I felt the combat was responsive and there’s just enough variety to make it worth playing. If you don’t play the games in chronological order, it’d make a decent palate cleanser.

It’s a travesty that Final Fight is the most famous game in this collection. Skip it and you could easily binge the other six games all at once and never get bored. These games should, by all rights, wear out their welcome quickly. Well, King of Dragons was right on the cusp of boring me to quit, but then the game ended with perfect timing.

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But, the consequence is that the elaborate solutions for “puzzle rooms” can be ignored in favor of just having your partner stand in the right place. A solution that requires planning and problem solving can be circumvented completely. Not that the puzzles are bad in single-player, but if you’re going to do that, do two different modes where the arcadey stuff and brain bender stuff is kept separately. Ask twenty retro gamers what 80s/90s game Pushy and Pully in Blockland looks like and you’re just as likely to get twenty different answers. It does mimicry of that early 90s arcade look and sound and feel better than the overwhelming majority of neo-retro games do.

Three of the seven of these are among the best games in the genre ever, and the only truly putrid one is at least historically important. The King of Dragons was the first of the seven games in its set to be dumped in the YES pile by me. Keeping it real, my scoring system for #IGCRetroBlitz (one-word, the # is part of the name) is a game is either a YES or a NO. If there was a middle ground, it would have been 3 yes, 3 no, and King of Dragons in the middle and causing the scales to slightly tip in favor of the yes side. No game during any #IGCRetroBlitz has come as close to being a NO and ending up a YES than it.

You’d be dumb to spend $7.99 on Arcade Archives Clu Clu Land . But, the format isn’t as dead on arrival as I figured going into this review. That’s an upgrade in the same way being sick with flesh eating bacteria is upgraded to being healthy and missing a foot. Co-op Note! You can try Youtube Downloader on various download services like is fun, but it also completely negates the challenge of puzzle levels. This is awesome and, if you work well with your partner (we didn’t), you can probably beat levels easier than we did.


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