Salary Loan.Maximum Annual Percentage Rate (APR) = 328.5%

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Salary Loan.Maximum Annual Percentage Rate (APR) = 328.5%

Representative instance: Borrow 2000 PHP for 61 days*, the attention price is 0.9 percent per you will need to repay 3098 PHP day

Optimum Apr (APR) = 328.5%

*Minimum repayment term of 61 times and optimum of a few months.

61 Times


The mortgage is for 2 months repayments are done in four equal installments, first from the fifteenth time, second is in the 30th time, third is in the 45th time, as well as the 4th regarding the 61st time through the date which you received the income in your money

10 Days


The mortgage is for 10 days repayments are done in five equal installments, first from the fifteenth time, 2nd is regarding the 30th day, the next is in the 45th time, 4th is in the 60th time, and 5th is regarding the 75th time through the date which you received the income in your money.

three months


The mortgage is for 12 months repayments are carried out in six equal installments, first in the day that is 15th 2nd is from the 30th time, third visit the website is in the 45th day, fourth on the 60th day, fifth in the 75th time and sixth in the 90th time through the date which you received the cash in your money.

About Salary Loan

Salary loans would be the choice that is best if you’d like quick capital before your paycheck comes.

An income loan provides you with a swelling amount of cash in advance, enabling you to repay it over a set term, reduced then if you decide to take a loan that is personal.

With an income loan, you do not need certainly to worry whether youll can pay for to help make the minimal payment that is monthly awaiting a check.

As an expert, Salary Loans Will Come To Your Rescue.

Salary Loan Items

Achieve all your valuable objectives and aspirations; using the right type of help, precisely when you need it.

Health Crisis

Asteria Lending offers Salary Loans for almost any emergencies that are last-minute.


You should not watch for an overdue repayment whenever Asteria makes it possible to today.


Future payment and also you dont have sufficient funds? Salary Loans will come to your rescue.


Later fees arent enjoyable for anybody. Check always belated to arrive? Secure a Salary loan with Asteria.

Get financing for anything you need now

Attributes of Salary Loan

All loans aren’t developed equal, Salary loans have grown to be a great selection for visitors to utilize.

Quicker Loan

For funding any crisis you may have.

Select your quantity

All fees are communicated at the start in writing combined with the loan quotation to make sure no concealed costs.

Benefit from the best prices

Our loan prices and costs are extremely a few of the cheapest around.

Determine your tenture

Recognize your freedom to decide on.

Salary Loan – Eligibility

Any salaried, professional or self-employed. Public and personal sector organizations, national sector employees including Public Sector are typical qualified to receive a personal bank loan.

UMID, Brand Brand Brand New TIN ID, Brand Brand New PhilHealth ID, and Driver License.


Minimal Monthly that is net Income Rs 15,000

Credit Score

Applicant must have the financial institution specified credit rating.

Salary Loans

Affordable, reasonable wage loans that will help you as it’s needed.


An income loan is just a loan that is personal can provide an instant fix to your monetary requirements. You may get a lump sum payment of income to support what you require, maybe to cover a vehicle that is unexpected, to repair a issue in the home or even for any kind of explanation. Interest loans are affordable and payment terms are reasonable. If you want an income loan, your approval is merely several ticks away. Please be sure, an income loan just isn’t the same as an online payday loan. Pay day loans are usually borrowings that are short-term issued at highly filled interest levels. Oftentimes, clients can find yourself spending right right right back more interest as compared to original lent quantity, making these small loans as a really major issue. Salary loans vary; we rely on providing you a practical way to your monetary issues, without punishing you through ridiculously high-interest prices or unaffordable payment terms. We comprehend not every person likes being with debt, therefore if youd like to spend your income loan back fast, we could organize that. Having said that, if you wish to borrow over a longer time which will make repayments less expensive, we could accomplish that too. We should work with you to carry you an income loan that actually matches your preferences.



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