Girl accused to stealing after internet dating fits displays history that is long of, officials state

Girl accused to stealing after internet dating fits displays history that is long of, officials state

Marisa Christina Johnson happens to be arrested regarding suspicion concerning numerous cases of identity and fraud theft.

A lady accused concerning “capitalizing on her behalf bodily attraction” in order to take their identities of individuals she satisfied regarding relationship plus apartment leasing internet sites can face the best judge Wednesday once this girl ended up being arrested in an extra resort at Santa Barbara, in accordance with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s division.

Maria Christina Johnson, 43, is known to own dated or even rented at the girl sufferers to get use of his or her houses cheekylovers, wherein she’d scavenged with his or her belongings in order to have adequate information that is personal towards start emerging personal lines of credit not his or her insights, authorities mentioned.

Johnson — also called Maria Hendricks, Gia Hendricks, Maria Christina Gia and also Maria Hainka — happens to be arrested to charged numerous period earlier for the some kinds of fraudulence, identification theft plus burglary earlier, in oneccordance with a declaration through the sheriff’s department.

Immediately after this girl efficiently thought a identification, detectives state, this girl relocated towards high-end resort hotels as well as charged 1000s to dollars of products and also solutions towards the woman sufferers, really trying to choose an automobile at any aim, authorities mentioned.

Because of the duration she is arrested being a guest to an extravagance, beachside seaside resort inside Santa Barbara to Thursday, detectives believed Johnson, which listings the girl career since your pet dog trainer, experienced invested significantly more than $250,000 concerning the woman sufferers’ money.

One task that is special at agents as well as deputies through the Los Angeles Authorities Department, their government Bureau out of research, their U.S. Division of Homeland safety in addition to l. The best. County Sheriff’s Department happens to be investigating the way it is considering March.

Nevertheless Johnson’s fraudulent life started some time as part of 1997 inside Washington and also Oregon, authorities stated. This girl came to be inside Washington as well as offered at the least couple of years as part of Washington state jail towards identification theft, as well as this girl found The state of california at some point before 2008.

She had been arrested as part of Torrance plus offered jail duration towards eleven felony counts out of identification theft, grand theft to charge card fraudulence.

Manhattan coastline authorities always arrested Johnson last year inside Hollywood in suspicion to forgery as well as burglary. At that time, Johnson is posing since Maria Hendricks in order to tout one association that is false NASCAR’S Hendrick Motorsports group. This girl additionally masqueraded whilst the rich supervisor to the agency that is modeling.

Authorities express these cannot understand how people that are many maintains taken starting, provided all the identities to aliases she’s got applied over time. Johnson, sheriff’s officials stated, ended up being inspired simply by an sense that is“elevated of” plus aggressively took done this girl victim’s everyday lives.

She’s accused to changing their mailing addresses to stealing this girl victims’ telephone numbers, in order that phone telephone calls inside she would be rung by the victim possess mobile. In a single situation, detectives allege, this girl planned trips concerning high priced domiciles having a property broker, and then took your broker’s identification. When she took one identity, this girl frequently tried it towards pursue people they know and also families also, authorities mentioned.

Johnson will be held during the Century Regional Detention center as part of Lynwood, in accordance with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s inmate locator. This girl bail happens to be ready in $two billion.

You aren’t information regarding Johnson or even Johnson’s sufferers will be expected in order to contact detective Duane Decker or perhaps Ned Russell in 818-576-8884.

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