Basic Blackjack Strategy Charts

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Basic Blackjack Strategy Charts

It is now presented, with a few variations, on dozens of web pages, including Wikipedia. The strategy assumes that you do not retain information from earlier hands. Your play depends only on your current hand and the dealer’s up card. With basic strategy, the house advantage is only about one half of one percent of the original bet.

Whether multiple players working together count as “outside devices” has been an enduring point of contention in lawsuits against blackjack teams. Regardless, most casinos are considered private property, so pit bosses and managers can bar you from the premises if they catch you counting or generally attempting to game the system. Atlantic City can be more challenging than other locations. The pit bosses are very wary of card counters, so they take numerous measures to increase the house edge. Some measures include only using 50 percent shoe penetration before reshuffling.

Every day, players come up with new ways to beat blackjack and tweak their play. Some advanced methods of beating the house are illegal; others are not

From what I have read, the casinos show a strong bias towards barring a blackjack player when he/she is at a serious loss! I read once that a known card counter was losing some $14,000.

Exactly at that point, the pit boss approached the counter and asked him to leave the blackjack game! The $14,000 went immediately to the casino bottom line. Meanwhile, the player was deprived of a reasonable chance to recuperate his loss. After all, they say, blackjack is almost an even-odds game for a player using the basic strategy. It is fair to expect swings in the winning and losing columns of the player.

It is admitted that counting cards offers no more than a 2% advantage for the blackjack player. Making bonehead plays can easily wipe out the slim, potential 2% advantage. The casinos owe big time to all authors of card-counting books. Then, in places where it is legal to ban skilled players from the blackjack action, the casinos commit downright robbery. There are specialty systems for individual side bets and even specific games that can only be found at one or two casinos.

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