After stating good night to one another, Seiji deterred the sunshine inside the lounge and went back to his own bed.

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After stating good night to one another, Seiji deterred the sunshine inside the lounge and went back to his own bed.

“Harano onii-chan, a present-day for you!”

As he returned to his or her space, the guy bet Reo moving out and handing him or her limited surprise box.

“say thanks a ton.” Seiji gladly established and unsealed it.

The present got a tiny cows milk solution rabbit mascot from Honey chocolate lady . It actually was attached with a chain, and had been a suitable dimensions if you are strung on his own mobile or his or her table as a decoration.

“i enjoy this, it is very hot,” the man shared with her sincerely.

The small lady beamed cutely.

After carefully putting away the small rabbit doll, Seiji switched off the lighting and decided to go to sleep.

Then registered Reo’s psyche sphere.

The guy became available their technique and inspected his own [items] alternative and experience which he have gotten numerous payoff from Shika’s, Mika’s, and Reo’s gift suggestions.

After very carefully checking out all his or her reward equipment, the man felt the many particular among them was –

[totally free capabilities use card], been given from Shika’s souvenir.

With this particular one-time-use cards, the guy can use any ability of his own at no cost to him, without needing any one of his or her power or Mana, and ignoring any intake limitations like wide range of time he or she could use it everyday. Like, [mild through the Brink], which was just workable onetime daily, in the event they tried it once already, he should use it once again about the same night employing this cards!

This individual obtained an [undetectable strike card] from Mika’s gift.

This one-time-use card allows him or her becoming completely invisible until this individual moved some lifestyle beast or individual. This problem could be managed for up to 2 moments, and also it was actually easy for especially those with an impressive level of [Astral eyesight] with a purpose to determine him or her. If they assaulted everything absolute while under this invisibility influence, his own assault’s electric power could well be multiplied per 2, in which he might possibly be shared a while later.

This became essentially an ancient mix off some assassin strategies like “stealth” and “backstab!”

They obtained a [Damage-canceling protection credit] from Reo’s gifts.

With this one-time-card would allow him or her to block anybody hit originating at your and receive zero destruction from that.

He’d merely three keywords to describe they: life-saving card! This individual could positively perform pretentiously employing this to bar some opposing forces’s ultimate technique.

Aside from these three black-jack cards, the remaining comprise some stat-raising poster or items that got not as much as spectacular issues.

Seiji gratefully acknowledged all of their attitude.

He promptly used the stat-raising poster he’d gotten, which enhanced their [Art], [Charisma], and [Spiritual electric power] statistics respectively.

From then on, the guy sealed his own program and started to practise cultivation.

After they achieved the progress specifications and spent the mandatory things, Seiji knew [Beginner-level Healing].

Seiji rested period, then he used the same old technique jumping-off the ladder to exit Reo’s heart sphere.

As he woke all the way up, he acquired all the way up gently to perhaps not get up Reo, received up out of bed, build his jacket, and stepped away from his place.

The man walked on to the house, and found that Chiaki wasn’t truth be told there!

Top door was actually available.

Seiji moved outside the house to determine the silver-haired luxury located outside the house, silently monitoring the evening sky together borrowed towel sheath cover this lady shoulders.

The accumulated snow received halted slipping today, as well as the satellite have showed up. It had been illuminating each and every thing with a gentle sterling silver light.

Under this color satellite, a silver-haired girl had been searching for with the sky… this field looked stunning and poetic to Seiji.

The guy wandered up to her side, and quietly checked out the night heavens as well as the.

After a moment of silence.

“your determine me personally,” Chiaki explained gently. “i did not rest along with Mika, because we noticed that I would personally be struggle to rest tonight. I ought to get came home residence, but Seriously did not want to go back… thus I afrointroductions profile search could just disturb you this evening. Well, i did so wish to enjoy what it really decided to sleep on tatami mats by a kotatsu ‘s area too… at any rate, I had been merely are willful. Excuse me for any bother I could posses brought about we.”

Seiji featured towards the woman.

“i did not notice nothing in particular, and had been only permitting you to do whilst happy. I came out in evening to check on we because I became concerned if you’d be chilly. I realize that one may get slightly willful on occasions, and it’s quality. If I believed that you were stating a thing excessive, I’d touch upon they. Basically believed you’re doing things unrealistic, I’d stop you with my wrought iron fists of fairness. And on the other palm, so long as I do not thought this a thing unrealistic, I’ll cooperate along, or give you some help, or escort your.”

Seiji beamed softly. “So, that’s why you should not apologize, nor shed your self continuously in loneliness… The term of women run from a tragedy history isn’t going to suit you anyway, Chiaki.”


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